Happy Birthday, Robert Burns!

During his lifetime, Robert Burns was well-known but gained little financial compensation for his works. However, after his death, his reputation blossomed, and he became an icon of Scottish culture. Burns Night is celebrated on or near his birthday of January 25th, with Burns Suppers around the world. This year, due to COVID, we will not be celebrating in person. Looking forward to next year! Stay safe, friends.

Celebrating Burns


The eldest of seven children and the son of poor tenant farmers, Robert Burns was born in 1759 on a dark, windy January night in the village of Alloway in Ayrshire.

His father recognised the importance of education and so Robert, along with his brother Gilbert, was locally schooled as well as working on the family farm. There were signs of his greatness from an early age; as a boy he became an avid reader and developed a flair for writing.

By the age of 15 he’d penned his first love poems, written to the daughter of a neighbouring farmer. Throughout his life, women were one of his greatest passions and nspirations, with hundreds of lines of verse dedicated to the fairer sex. Burns went on to father 12 children, nine with his wife Jean Armour.